Friday, August 11, 2017

Strategies for Direct Mail Marketing

Justin Steinle integrates a wide variety of marketing platforms into comprehensive advertising plans. Experienced in web as well as traditional advertising, Justin Steinle has utilized direct mail when appropriate.

To create a strong direct mail campaign, a company must know and target the needs of its customers. Many advertisers start by assessing the age, gender, socioeconomic level, and interests of their clients so that they can send a message that targets the specific needs of that population. 

Demographic information can also help a company to select the medium and design that will best entice a particular group. Companies that serve discerning clients in the luxury market may do best with costly paper and a first-class stamp, whereas a discount or bulk product does not need to invest in such luxury materials.

Engaging visuals are important in all markets, though most contemporary consumers tend to avoid messages that are content-deficient. Successful companies respect their audiences and take the time to explain how their product or service can solve a problem that the reader is likely to have. The customer may then be more likely to make a phone call, visit a website, or return a postcard.