Thursday, February 23, 2017

Comprehending Media Planning

Senior marketing executive Justin Steinle has decades of experience in providing successful marketing services to a vast array of clients. Justin Steinle provides a broad range of solutions to his clients that includes media planning.

Media planning entails determining the best means of conveying a message to a target audience within a given budget. The first stage involves market analysis in order to find out who the audience is, identifying the number and type of people, and ascertaining the appropriate media for the campaign. In the next stage, the media objectives must be established. This involves developing goals for circulation, reach, frequency, penetration, and cost.

The third stage is strategy-setting and implementation. In this stage, the decision must be made as to the type of media to use, such as the Internet, radio, newspaper, and television. Then, the plan must be executed, with the identified spaces or times locked in (media buying). The final stage involves evaluating the campaign, which entails analyzing the effectiveness of the strategies and determining whether the objectives were met.